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Raccoon Sewers Maps (Resident Evil 2)

Sewage Disposal

Image of Filtering RoomImage of Septic Pool WalkwayImage of Septic Pool EntranceImage of Cesspool EntranceImage of Storeroom WestImage of Underground AreaImage of Cesspool WalkwayImage of CesspoolImage of Construction StorageImage of Construction AreaImage of Storeroom EastImage of Sewer EntranceImage of Cavernous Walkway
Image of Sewage Disposal

Sewer B1

Image of Upper WalkwayImage of Ventilation TunnelImage of Control Room 2Image of Sewer North PassageImage of Control Room 1Image of Sewer South Passage
Image of Sewer B1

Sewer B2

Image of Sewer ExitImage of Electric Service TunnelImage of Sewer Passage 2Image of Sewer Passage 1Image of Water PoolImage of Service TunnelImage of Dumping AreaImage of Garbage AreaImage of Small Ventilation TunnelImage of Warehouse 1Image of 'T' CorridorImage of Warehouse 2Image of FloodgateImage of Cable Car
Image of Sewer B2