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Zombie (Resident Evil 2)

Image of Zombie
The zombie is the most common enemy in the game, the poor residents of Raccoon City who became infected with the T-Virus.

There are many different types of zombie in the game, from normal men and women, police officers, scientists, and test subjects.

The zombie is an easy enemy, as long as they're in small numbers. The Handgun is enough to keep them at bay. It's possible to decapitate one or many zombies with a single shotgun blast, simply aim up when they come into grabbing range, and fire.


Game modeSum total
Leon A (Normal)114-129 *
Leon B (Normal)105-121 *
Claire A (Normal)108-123 *
Claire B (Normal)106-122 *

* Exact number can depend on certain game conditions. Please see the list of locations below for the details.