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Sleeping Quarters A - Laboratory B4 (Resident Evil 2)

Image of Sleeping Quarters A - Laboratory B4
This is one of two sleeping quarters for the employees of the laboratory.

In the north east corner of the room is a console that allows you to release the P-epsilon gas throughout the facility. As detailed in the P-epsilon report, this gas has the ability to weaken B.O.W.'s. Whilst this is advantageous in the scenario currently being played, if it's enabled in Scenario A it will carry over into Scenario B and as a result it will cause the Ivy's you encounter to be transformed into Poison Ivy's.

This room also has an enemy-like obstacle in the corner of the room, namely the Vines, which you must destroy in order to gain access to Sleeping Quarters B. There are several ways of disposing of these vines:

This place is linked to the following locations: Sleeping Quarters B, West Area.
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