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P-epsilon report (Resident Evil 2)

Image of P-epsilon report
A report explaining the effects of the P-epsilon gas on B.O.W.s.



-This report demands immediate attention-

The P-epsilon gas has been proven capable of incapacitating all know B.O.W.s (Bio Organic Weapon). As such, it has been designated for emergency usage in the event of a B.O.W. escape. Reports based on data collected during prior incidents indicate the potential for negative side effects.

The P-eplison gas has proven to weaken the B.O.W.s' cellular functions. However, prolonged or repeated exposures will result in the creation of adaptive antibodies to the agent.
Furthermore, some species have been observed to absorb the P-eplison gas as a source of nutrition and use the toxins extracted against anything perceived as a threat.

Use of P-eplison gas should be severely limited to extreme cases only.

We strongly request the authority to re-evaluate the P-eplison gas deployment system. We would like this re-evaluation to take place immediately.

2nd R&D Room/Security Team