Hunter Beta (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Hunter Beta
An extremely powerful creature with claws on all four limbs, and the ability to jump several metres in the air. Encountered in the Hospital and the Dead Factory, they were sent into Raccoon City for test battle purposes, before being mass produced. However, these are not perfect specimens, which reflects in their disfigured appearance.

These reptilian creatures are very dangerous; they have two different forms of attack. They either swipe at your legs, or jump and slash at your torso, which if they're close enough could go right over your head and result in decapitation. Although you have nothing more powerful than an Assault Rifle at the Hospital, when you reach the Outskirts these creatures should be dispatched with the Grenade Launcher.


Game modeSum total
Easy8-27 [1]
Hard8-27 [1]
[1] Exact number can depend on certain game conditions.