Tyrell Patrick

Game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Category Character
Age 32
Blood type AB
Height 185cm
Weight 90.0kg
Image of Tyrell Patrick
A former soldier of the French Foreign Legion, he became a member of Unit A of the U.B.S.C. to avoid a life sentence for selling weapons on the black market which were used in a mass genocide.

In the end he became suspicious of Nicholai's activities and sought to discover his true intentions. This ultimately led him to being murdered by Nicholai.


Image of Data Room - Hospital 4F

Data Room - Hospital 4F

  • Only appears if you have not yet explored the Hospital B3.

Image of Basement Storeroom - Hospital B3

Basement Storeroom - Hospital B3

  • Only appears if you explored the Hospital 4F before this floor.