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Raccoon City Outskirts Maps (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)


Image of Park AlleywayImage of Park OfficeImage of Main ParkImage of FountainImage of Drainage PassageImage of GraveyardImage of Graveyard CabinImage of Secret Communications RoomImage of Graveyard Cabin StoreroomImage of Wooden JettyImage of Forest PathImage of Park Exit WalkwayImage of Exit Water Tunnel
Image of Park

Dead Factory 1F

Image of Weapons StorageImage of ElevatorImage of Water Pollution PoolImage of Water Filter PassageImage of Monitoring RoomImage of Water Control RoomImage of Emergency TunnelImage of Car YardImage of Rail Cannon RoomImage of Maintenance ElevatorImage of Helicopter Landing Zone
Image of Dead Factory 1F

Dead Factory 2F

Image of Resting RoomImage of Steam RoomImage of Entry CorridorImage of Control RoomImage of Communications TowerImage of ElevatorImage of Treatment Room EntryImage of Treatment Room
Image of Dead Factory 2F