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Uptown and Downtown Maps (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)


Image of Sales Office StoreroomImage of Sales OfficeImage of Sales Office PatioImage of Dark AlleyImage of Forked AlleyImage of Uptown Store RoomImage of Barricaded Back PassageImage of Private BackyardImage of Residential StreetImage of BoutiqueImage of Black Jack's BarImage of Business Back StreetImage of Business Main StreetImage of Back AlleywayImage of WarehouseImage of Warehouse OfficeImage of Book Shop StreetImage of Zigzag AlleyImage of Straight AlleywayImage of Parking AreaImage of 'T' Dumpster Alley
Image of Uptown


Image of Cable Car Front CarriageImage of Cable Car Rear CarriageImage of Cable Car AreaImage of Lonsdale YardImage of Lonsdale Underground PassageImage of Dirty AlleyImage of Three Points StreetImage of Gas StationImage of Gas Station ShopImage of City Hall GateImage of Press Office LobbyImage of Press OfficeImage of Press Office Side AlleyImage of Shopping DistrictImage of Downtown StoreroomImage of RestaurantImage of Restaurant BasementImage of Water Feature AreaImage of Maintenance AreaImage of Construction StreetImage of Garage OfficeImage of GarageImage of Underground AreaImage of Sub Station EntranceImage of Sub Station Gate AreaImage of Sub Station
Image of Downtown