Basement Hallway - Hospital B3 (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Basement Hallway - Hospital B3
This place is linked to the following locations: Doctor's Lounge, Entry Hallway, Basement Storeroom.
LocationRaccoon City Hospital Show on map


  • Image of Zombie

    5 Zombies

    On every play-through of the game, there will be an encounter with zombies when the elevator stops on one of the three accessible floors of the hospital, thus making it a 33% chance that you will encounter zombies on this floor.
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  • Image of Explosive Wall Charge

    Explosive Wall Charge

    Appears here if you visited the 4F Entry Hallway before this location. It is attached to the wall in the corner section of the hallway.
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  • Image of Hunter Beta

    2 Hunter Beta's

    Appear here after acquiring both the Vaccine Medium and the Vaccine Base, but only if you did not previously encounter Zombies when exiting the elevator on this floor.
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