Hunter Gamma (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Hunter Gamma
An alternative form of Hunter, these are designed for aquatic environments, and therefore will not be encountered in dry areas. Research was being carried out in the basement of the Hospital on these creatures, however they are not a successful experiment. These are weaker then the standard Hunter, so dealing with them isn't too difficult. They have an advantage though, being able to jump much further, however a few blasts from the Shotgun should be enough.


Game modeSum total
Hard2-4 *

* Exact number can depend on certain game conditions. Please see the list of locations below for the details.


  • Image of Experiment Room - Hospital B3

    Experiment Room - Hospital B3

    2 Hunter Gamma's - Burst out of their cryo-tubes when you attempt to leave the room after you have successfully operated the synthesizer in the north east corner to create the Vaccine Medium.
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  • Image of Wooden Jetty - Park

    Wooden Jetty - Park

    2 Hunter Gamma's - 50% chance of appearing here instead of Zombies. They will leap out of the water as you travel through this area.
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