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Salt Mine Maps (Resident Evil 7 Biohazard)

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Adjoining mapsGuest House, Wrecked Ship
Other mapsMain House, Yard, Old House, Testing Area, Boat House, Ship


Image of SwampImage of Mine OfficeImage of Mine Entrance PathImage of Elevator
Image of Swamp

Salt Mine B3

Image of ElevatorImage of EntranceImage of CavernImage of Winding TunnelImage of CrossroadsImage of Mine Cart TunnelImage of North CavernImage of Cultivation RoomImage of Storage SpaceImage of OfficeImage of South CavernImage of Flooded CavernImage of Spiralling Cavern
Image of Salt Mine B3

Salt Mine B2

Image of Spiralling Cavern
Image of Salt Mine B2

Salt Mine B1

Image of Spiralling CavernImage of Small PassageImage of Abandoned MineImage of Exit Passage
Image of Salt Mine B1