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Testing Area Maps (Resident Evil 7 Biohazard)

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Adjoining mapsYard, Boat House
Other mapsGuest House, Main House, Old House, Wrecked Ship, Ship, Salt Mine

Testing Area 1F

Image of Fertilizer RoomImage of BarnImage of Wooden CorridorImage of Carcass RoomImage of Passcode RoomImage of Northern CorridorImage of Dummy RoomImage of Party RoomImage of ToiletImage of Back RoomImage of Balloon RoomImage of Cake RoomImage of Monitoring RoomImage of Exit HallwayImage of Entrance Stairs
Image of Testing Area 1F

Testing Area 2F

Image of Barn Upper WalkwayImage of OfficeImage of Rest AreaImage of Southern LandingImage of Northern CorridorImage of Supply RoomImage of Storage RoomImage of Southern CorridorImage of EntranceImage of Entrance StairsImage of PlatformImage of Elevator Corridor
Image of Testing Area 2F