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Guest House Maps (Resident Evil 7 Biohazard)

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Adjoining mapsSalt Mine
Other mapsMain House, Yard, Old House, Testing Area, Boat House, Wrecked Ship, Ship

Guest House 1F

Image of Back DoorImage of Back CorridorImage of KitchenImage of Stairway CorridorImage of Living RoomImage of Hidden PassageImage of Front CorridorImage of Vacant RoomImage of BathroomImage of StairwayImage of Back Yard
Image of Guest House 1F

Guest House 2F

Image of Upstairs
Image of Guest House 2F

Guest House 3F

Image of AtticImage of HallwayImage of Store Room AImage of Store Room B
Image of Guest House 3F

Guest House B1

Image of LadderImage of Flooded PassageImage of BasementImage of Guard's AreaImage of CellImage of Surgical AreaImage of North PassageImage of StorageImage of StoreroomImage of Stairway
Image of Guest House B1