Infection Report (Resident Evil 7 Biohazard)

Image of Infection Report


This report details the symptoms that appear when the bacterium* that grows inside the E-Series infects a human.

Be sure to read this document throughly before dealing with E-Series weaponized assets.

*Hereafter referred to as "mold."

Initial Infection
The mold ingests nutrients from the subject's body to propagate itself, and slowly takes over cells within the body.

As a side effect of this, the infected subject gains remarkable regenerative abilities.

During experiments, we removed arms and legs from test subjects and found that they were able to coapt the amputated limbs in a matter of minutes.

Mid-stage Infection
Once the mold reaches the brain, the subject's thoughts become "in tune" with those of the E-Series asset. The subject starts to hear things and experience hallucinations, and soon comes under complete control of the E-Series asset.

If this state continues, the host will lose all sense of ego.

Complete Infection
After every cell in the body has been taken over by the mold, the subject begins to lose their human form. Physical mutations differ from case to case, but all result in him or her acquiring incredible physical strength.

Containing a subject at this stage would be extremely difficult.