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This project was instigated in 2000 as one of several concepts for the company's NEXBAS (next-generation experimental battlefield superiority) initiative, working with technical assistance from H.C.F, to develop a bioweapon for neutralizing combatants en masse with minimal direct contact. NEXBAS was later folded, and all its assets diverted to this project.

What makes this project markedly different from conventional weapons is its ability to turn enemy combatants into allies; converting hostile elements into willing servants.

Since this effectively eliminates the costs of not only POW handling but also combat itself, it's no wonder we had the ■■■ and even ■■■■'s ■■■ organization chomping at the bit to get on board.

The project would never have existed were it not for the discovery in ■■■■■■ of ■■■■■■■■■, the remarkably progressed "vicariant evolution" fungus that we commonly term the "mutamycete".

The fabrication method for each bioweapon was to introduce the mutamycete genome to a pre-Stage 4 human embryo and perform cultivation in a controlled environment over a period of 38-40 weeks.

The resultant organisms were referred to as "candidate specimens" and graded based on usability, from the impractical and faulty Series A through D, to the perfected E-Series.

A common appearance was selected for the bioweapons; that of a roughly ten-year-old girl, to ensure ease of blending in with urban/refugee populations.

The first E-Series specimen, named Eveline, has proven capable of secreting the mutamycete ■■■■■■■■■ from her tissue at will.

It is also of note that Eveline's mutamycete imposes a profound control over body and mind when introduced into a host organism.

We still have a lot to learn about the mechanism by which Eveline achieves and maintains this control, but the working theory is that the vector is similar to the autoinducer pheromones used for quorum sensing in pseudomonas bacteria.

Eveline's control is exerted in a series of discrete stages, the first of which is hallucination.

Almost immediately after infection, the subject begins to see images of Eveline (though she is not in fact there) and hear her voice (which is inaudible to anyone else).

Auditions with infected subjects throughout the stages of infection reveal that at first, the phantom Eveline appears to be a normal young girl, sometimes desiring companionship or assistance. As time progresses, she begins making more and more extreme demands, including self-mutilation and attacks on other people.

The psychological shock this induces helps to break down the mind's natural barriers to Eveline's brainwashing effect, and by the time mental control is achieved, the mutamycete infection has progressed throughout the body's cells, so the body ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.