Cubic Device (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Image of Cubic Device

A cube-shaped object with brass along its edges. Grooves are engraved into each side.

This ornate object is actually a key that can be used to unlock the various Square Lock Boxes scattered throughout the castle. However, in order for this "key" to be inserted into a box, it will need to be rotated so the shape of its edges align with shape of the hole for a given box, and each box's hole has a different shape.

The Square Lock Boxes can be found in the following locations:
CategoryItem (Key item)
Sell price4,000 pesetas
Sellable from Chapter 13.


  • Image of Armory 1F Entry - Castle Grand Hall 1F

    Armory 1F Entry - Castle Grand Hall 1F

    Inside the large treasure chest in the west corner of the passage.
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