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Castle Subterranean Levels Maps (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Castle Depths

Image of Underground Laboratory Power RoomImage of Underground Laboratory Passage 2Image of Underground Laboratory Switch RoomImage of Underground Laboratory Liquid Nitrogen StorageImage of Underground Laboratory Elevator RoomImage of Underground Laboratory Passage 1Image of Waterway Passage 2Image of Waterway Passage Merchant RoomImage of Waterway Passage 1Image of Old PassageImage of Waterway AccessImage of Cavernous Passage 2Image of Stone WalkwayImage of Cavernous Passage 1
Image of Castle Depths

Castle Mines

Image of Mines StorageImage of Mines Upper LevelImage of Mines Lower LevelImage of Control BuildingImage of Underground TunnelImage of Underground Tunnel Elevator AreaImage of Blast FurnaceImage of Blast Furnace Generator RoomImage of PassagewayImage of Mine Cart TerminalImage of Mine Cart Track A
Image of Castle Mines

Castle Mine Cart Track

Image of Mine Cart Track AImage of StopoverImage of Mine Cart Track B
Image of Castle Mine Cart Track

Castle Hive

Image of Mine Cart Track BImage of Central PlatformImage of Passageway EastImage of Storage StructureImage of ClearingImage of TunnelsImage of Passageway WestImage of Merchant Hideaway
Image of Castle Hive