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Island Maps (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Island Wharf

Image of Entrance PathImage of OutpostImage of Eroded CaveImage of Passageway
Image of Island Wharf

Island Wharf Upper Level

Image of Cliffside PathImage of Storage AreaImage of Cavernous PassageImage of Wharf Exit
Image of Island Wharf Upper Level

Island Facility 1F

Image of Facility 2 Side PassageImage of Facility 2 EntryImage of Facility 2 Entry Control RoomImage of Cargo Depot WestImage of Cargo Depot EastImage of Facility 1 Exit Merchant RoomImage of Old Generator RoomImage of Facility 1 StorageImage of Holding CellImage of Surveillance EntryImage of Facility 1 Rear Entrance Side AccessImage of Facility 1 Rear Entrance PathImage of Facility 1 Rear Entrance YardImage of Connecting PassageImage of Incubation Lab EntryImage of Incubation LabImage of Incubation Lab Control RoomImage of Facility 1 Storage EntryImage of SystemsImage of Facility 2 Stairwell
Image of Island Facility 1F

Island Facility 2F

Image of Waste Disposal NorthImage of Waste Disposal Bridged PassageImage of Waste Disposal Control RoomImage of Waste Disposal Dumping AreaImage of Waste Disposal SouthImage of Waste Disposal Connecting PassageImage of Straight PassageImage of Waste Disposal StorageImage of Waste Disposal EntryImage of Facility 2 StairwellImage of Merchant RoomImage of Cargo Depot 2FImage of Cargo Depot ExteriorImage of Cargo Lift Upper PlatformImage of Surveillance Entry 2FImage of Surveillance RoomImage of Facility 1 Storage 2FImage of Utilities Storage 1Image of Utilities Storage 2Image of UtilitiesImage of LarderImage of KitchenImage of Central PassageImage of FreezerImage of Power RoomImage of Dissection Room Storage 2Image of Dissection RoomImage of Dissection Room Storage 1Image of Systems EntryImage of Systems 2FImage of Utilities PassageImage of Amber Storeroom
Image of Island Facility 2F

Island Ruins

Image of Campsite EntryImage of Campsite Communications RoomImage of CampsiteImage of Operations TentImage of Ruins Entry PathImage of RuinsImage of North West BuildingImage of West RuinsImage of Ruins PromenadeImage of Pillared PlatformImage of TowerImage of Keep
Image of Island Ruins

Island Ruins Lower Level

Image of East RuinsImage of Tower LowerImage of Underground PassagewayImage of North West Builder LowerImage of Underground Maze
Image of Island Ruins Lower Level

Island Stronghold & Bulwark Gate

Image of Cliffside Ruins EntryImage of Bulwark Gate South Switch PlatformImage of Bulwark Gate North Switch PlatformImage of Bulwark GateImage of Stronghold OverlookImage of Stronghold ExitImage of Turret BuildingImage of Stronghold Upper PathImage of StrongholdImage of Stronghold PassagewayImage of Stronghold Guard AreaImage of Cliff Behind the RuinsImage of Stronghold Lower Path
Image of Island Stronghold & Bulwark Gate

Island Cliffside Ruins

Image of Merchant RoomImage of Specimen Storage ExitImage of Specimen StorageImage of Specimen Storage EntryImage of Specimen Storage Entry PassageImage of Cliffside AltarImage of Stone PlatformImage of Cliffside RuinsImage of Cliffside Ruins Entry
Image of Island Cliffside Ruins

Island Sanctuary

Image of Sanctuary Exit PassageImage of Merchant RoomImage of Sanctuary 2F NorthImage of SanctuaryImage of Sanctuary 2F SouthImage of Warehouse Upper WalkwayImage of Passage to WarehouseImage of WarehouseImage of Luis's LaboratoryImage of Sanctuary EntryImage of Sanctuary ApproachImage of Sanctuary Approach Guard Tower North StorageImage of Sanctuary Approach Guard Tower NorthImage of Sanctuary Approach Guard Tower South StorageImage of Sanctuary Approach Guard Tower SouthImage of Sanctuary Approach Guard Tower BridgeImage of Sanctuary Approach Upper Area
Image of Island Sanctuary

Island Docks

Image of Loading Docks West PlatformImage of Loading DocksImage of Loading Docks South PlatformImage of Loading Docks Central Platform
Image of Island Docks

Island Underground Passage

Image of Underground JettyImage of Passage to Underground JettyImage of Underground StorageImage of Underground Passageway
Image of Island Underground Passage