Village Maps (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Village Hunter's Lodge

Image of Forest PathImage of Hunter's Lodge HallwayImage of Hunter's Lodge BedroomImage of Hunter's Lodge KitchenImage of Hunter's Lodge BasementImage of Hunter's Lodge StairwayImage of Hunter's Lodge Back RoomImage of Hunter's Lodge Exit PathImage of Abandoned HouseImage of Path to Village Square (West)Image of Small CabinImage of Dilapidated House
Image of Village Hunter's Lodge

Village Square

Image of Village SquareImage of Secure BarnImage of Small House 1Image of Main HouseImage of Main House RoofImage of Main House ShedImage of BunkhouseImage of Storage ShedImage of Dilapidated ShedImage of Small House 2 (Front Room)Image of Small House 2 (Bedroom)Image of Underground PassageImage of Town HallImage of Town Hall Yard
Image of Village Square

Village Farm

Image of Farm YardImage of Main BarnImage of MillImage of Mill StorageImage of Upper WalkwayImage of Mill BalconyImage of Path to VillaImage of Path to LakesideImage of Grain Storage Shed
Image of Village Farm

Village Lakeside Settlement

Image of Entry PathImage of ClearingImage of Dilapidated BuildingImage of Wooden WalkwayImage of Lakehouse YardImage of Lakehouse PierImage of Lakehouse Front RoomImage of Lakehouse Living RoomImage of Lakehouse Back RoomImage of Lakehouse BasementImage of CaveImage of Cave Store RoomImage of Forest Altar
Image of Village Lakeside Settlement

Village Chief's Manor, Abandoned Factory & Valley

Image of Path to Village Square (South)Image of Village Chief's Manor YardImage of Village Chief's ManorImage of Outside AltarImage of Outside StorageImage of Abandoned Factory YardImage of Abandoned Factory EntranceImage of Abandoned Factory CorridorImage of Abandoned Factory Small StoreroomImage of Abandoned Factory FurnaceImage of Abandoned Factory Large StoreroomImage of Abandoned Factory Basement PassageImage of Abandoned Factory BasementImage of ValleyImage of Valley Building 1Image of Valley Building 2 WestImage of Valley Building 2 EastImage of Valley Side PathImage of Valley Wooden Platform
Image of Village Chief's Manor, Abandoned Factory & Valley

Village Church, Quarry & Fish Farm

Image of Path to CemeteryImage of CemeteryImage of Cemetery CabinImage of Church CourtyardImage of Church Raised PlatformImage of Church Courtyard StorageImage of ChurchImage of Church Store RoomImage of Church Side PathImage of Path to QuarryImage of Path to Quarry Upper WalkwayImage of Cave PathImage of QuarryImage of Quarry North PathImage of Quarry Merchant HideoutImage of Lake LookoutImage of Lake Jetty WalkwayImage of Fish FarmImage of Fish Farm Processing Building
Image of Village Church, Quarry & Fish Farm

Village Lake

Image of LakeImage of Lakehouse PierImage of Small Cave Shrine EntryImage of Small Cave ShrineImage of Wrecked BoatImage of Chicken FarmImage of Lake JettyImage of Quarry Merchant Hideout DockImage of Cliffside DockImage of Large Cave ShrineImage of Boat House DockImage of Boat House BuildingImage of Boat House YardImage of Mural CaveImage of Subterranean RiverImage of Outside AltarImage of Mural Cave Jetty
Image of Village Lake

Village Villa & Checkpoint

Image of Villa YardImage of VillaImage of Villa PorchImage of Villa Exit PathImage of Gorge WestImage of Gorge NorthImage of CheckpointImage of Checkpoint BuildingImage of Checkpoint Building Small YardImage of Checkpoint Walkway EastImage of Checkpoint Walkway WestImage of Merchant's HutImage of Gorge HutImage of Checkpoint Exit PathImage of Checkpoint Abandoned HouseImage of Checkpoint Abandoned House Yard
Image of Village Villa & Checkpoint

Village Outskirts

Image of Village Outskirts PathImage of Slaughterhouse GroundsImage of SlaughterhouseImage of Slaughterhouse Back YardImage of Castle Entrance Path
Image of Village Outskirts