Castle Bailey Maps (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Castle Entry

Image of EntranceImage of Entrance Merchant RoomImage of Small GatehouseImage of Chapel StorageImage of ChapelImage of PassagewayImage of Castle Gate EntrywayImage of Castle Gate Lower CourtyardImage of Castle Gate Upper CourtyardImage of Dilapidated StructureImage of Castle Gate BattlementsImage of Castle Gate Lower PassageImage of Castle Gate InnerImage of Castle Gate Storage Area
Image of Castle Entry

Castle Audience Chamber 1F

Image of Audience Chamber EntryImage of Audience ChamberImage of Dungeon EntryImage of DungeonsImage of Dungeon PassageImage of Dungeon CellsImage of Dungeon ExitImage of Water Hall EntrywayImage of Water Hall StoreroomImage of Underground Railcar Platform WestImage of Dungeon Basement CellImage of Dungeon BasementImage of Dungeon Basement Entry
Image of Castle Audience Chamber 1F

Castle Audience Chamber 2F

Image of Audience Chamber BalconyImage of Water Hall EntrywayImage of Treasury Storeroom SouthImage of TreasuryImage of Treasury Torture RoomImage of Treasury Storeroom North
Image of Castle Audience Chamber 2F

Castle Water Hall & Courtyard

Image of Water Hall WestImage of Water Hall North BalconyImage of Water Hall South BalconyImage of Water Hall EastImage of Water Hall Upper WalkwayImage of Courtyard Exterior FountainImage of Courtyard Exterior Canopy PassageImage of Courtyard Exterior Walled AreaImage of Courtyard Exterior Merchant RoomImage of Courtyard Exterior Stairway LandingImage of Wine Cellar EntryImage of Wine Cellar GateImage of Wine CellarImage of Wine Cellar Upper AreaImage of Armor Display RoomImage of Armory StorageImage of Courtyard MazeImage of Wine Cellar WalkwayImage of Courtyard LoungeImage of Courtyard Overlook EastImage of Courtyard Overlook West
Image of Castle Water Hall & Courtyard

Castle Water Hall Lower Level

Image of Water Hall Lower Level
Image of Castle Water Hall Lower Level

Castle Grand Hall 1F

Image of Grand HallImage of Armory 1F EntryImage of Armory 1FImage of Grand Hall Merchant HideawayImage of Underground Railcar Platform EastImage of Dining HallImage of LoungeImage of Small Library AImage of Library Passage 1Image of Small Library BImage of Library Passage 2Image of LibraryImage of Library 2FImage of Mausoleum EntryImage of MausoleumImage of Mausoleum Armory StorageImage of Mausoleum CryptImage of Library Stairway
Image of Castle Grand Hall 1F

Castle Grand Hall 2F

Image of Armory 2FImage of Armory 2F EntryImage of Grand Hall West BalconyImage of Grand Hall East BalconyImage of Gallery EntryImage of GalleryImage of Gallery BalconyImage of Small Library CImage of Library Stairway
Image of Castle Grand Hall 2F