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  • Jackie
    about 13 years ago
    Hey everybody! I found a Resident Evil NEWS site!!! You can read the latest news about The HUGE Resident Evil World! Chek it out, it is realy awesome!

    Ps. YOU can send them news too!

  • Thomas
    about 14 years ago

    Great work with the site! Tons of gathered information in a easy to find manner! Love it! =)

  • Pat Williams
    about 14 years ago

    I liked your site.

  • Holly
    about 14 years ago

    I love RE. It's just the best game i've ever played. I also like the movies and have them all on DVD, not to metion all the games.

  • Holly
    about 14 years ago

    I love RE and anyone who doesnt like it can suck my arse

  • Louie
    about 14 years ago

    Man, Resident Evil: The Director's Cut was probably the first game i ever owned... Pretty original. I Think RE 1, 2, 3 Were the best RE's made. Outbreak is good too. i hate RE 4. ruinned the series.

    But anyways keep up the good work. Site needs screenshots or more pictures. Lots of info though :)

  • Ray
    about 14 years ago

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  • Kid
    about 14 years ago

    resident evil is the best ame/book/movie there will ever be. I LOVE RE!!!!!!!! RE IS BAD ASS!

  • re5online
    about 14 years ago

    "All resident evil fans should check this website out!" is a newly formed website and we would like you to become our affiliate!

  • Shinryuu
    about 15 years ago

    Excellent site people keep it up

  • CCCC
    about 15 years ago

    This site looks damn great, a shame it havn't got any information anywhere.

  • dontworry
    about 15 years ago

    ya dan fuckin straight and re4 is the best every other resident evil is shit

  • Jerry Jordan
    about 15 years ago

    Resident Evil... What can i say an awesome Video Game Series. First time i played it was the original Res. Evil for Playstation been playin it ever since. Can't wait for Resident Evil 5 to come out. I would say that it is the best Series in video games today. My favorite Resident Evil of all time would have to be part 2 i wish that they would port it over from Gamecube or even do a remake. Just think a remake of Resident Evil 2 how awesome would that be.

  • Renxx Hyabusa
    about 15 years ago


  • joshua revis
    about 15 years ago

    i love resident evil ecspecially direcors cut from '98 iit was my first re game
    and the first time i ever beat a resident evil game was re 2 i beat it in
    2 hours and 36 mins. with no health sprays on green herbs and no gatling
    gun or rocket launcher i beat willam with the magnum it didnot have the upgrade.