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  • john
    about 13 years ago

    first ever game

  • Tom/Forerunner
    about 13 years ago

    hi. Thanx for adding my site. seems you havn't been updating anything lately. did you recieve the Emails i sent you.

  • Scythe (Evil Unleashed)
    about 14 years ago

    Hey, man. Scythe from you affiliate Evil Unleashed here. Good looking website. Noticed you were missing stuff from the Outbreak and other games, though. You should expand of that more for a future update, add at least characters from the Outbreaks, Dead Aim, etc. I could even lend a hand if you need to, since I appear to be the resident Outbreak specialist (even though I hate those games). Drop me a line if you're interested.

  • Tom/ Forerunner
    about 14 years ago

    Good Site. Kwl!!! I represent, a large wikia site. If you want we could be afflicated? We are an imformation sire soly for Resident Evil that wants 2 basicaly be friends with yours. respond at my email...

  • DiceMan
    about 14 years ago

    Great Site. I like style you have.
    Stop by my website somtime.

  • Sam Harris
    about 14 years ago

    Nice site i will be coming back to see what you updated all the time i will tell my friend about this site well done. i will like to make a site like this to its great

  • Katelynd-Humane
    about 14 years ago

    Yeah! Make a forum!

  • SynchPedro86
    about 14 years ago

    Make a forum.

  • Phil
    about 14 years ago

    Nice site :)