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  • Alex
    about 15 years ago

    Oh yes, there are frequent visitors to this site. I appreciate your submitted gaming tips, hopefully the visitors of this site can use them. I should really visit this section of the site more often, didn't realise so many comments had been left :-)

    about 15 years ago


  • leon scott kennedy
    about 15 years ago

    in resident evil 4 i have noticed its best to keep a ten round magazine just worry about upgrading firepower, firing speed,and reload speed i have tried with a larger mag but it eats up ammo. if u bye the punisher keep it always that pistol especially at full levels can kill almost anyone i used it when salazar went all huge and bodyguard gruesome on me i was able to shoot through his protective bud through cracks and such. do not shoot the mearchant!!!!!!!! big mistake i have all the re books i know of are there anymore besides five????

  • chris
    about 15 years ago

    i have discovered that in resident evil that if u fight the verdugos and shoot him with the broken butterfly while he is frozen he stays frozen longer while he is frozen run to the door press the button and hammer his ass!! with the punisher (if u have it) and broken butterfly that will does some serious damage and knock him on his but. im writing a book called biohaze if u ever want to read what ive got let me know im having trouble with ideas im a re fan and i love re4

  • bruce turner
    about 15 years ago

    Hey if you want help keeping your site updated, all you need to do is tell me what areas you need help on. I can help with research and all. I am doing this because I want to help out another resident evil fan like myself. Plus I am always doing stuff thats either RE or RE Related. So if you need the help, email me. Or leave a message here. Pay in mind I also volunteer helpat other RE websites..So I will be in and out of here...Should you need my help.

  • john
    about 16 years ago

    first ever game

  • Tom/Forerunner
    about 16 years ago

    hi. Thanx for adding my site. seems you havn't been updating anything lately. did you recieve the Emails i sent you.

  • Scythe (Evil Unleashed)
    about 16 years ago

    Hey, man. Scythe from you affiliate Evil Unleashed here. Good looking website. Noticed you were missing stuff from the Outbreak and other games, though. You should expand of that more for a future update, add at least characters from the Outbreaks, Dead Aim, etc. I could even lend a hand if you need to, since I appear to be the resident Outbreak specialist (even though I hate those games). Drop me a line if you're interested.

  • Tom/ Forerunner
    about 16 years ago

    Good Site. Kwl!!! I represent, a large wikia site. If you want we could be afflicated? We are an imformation sire soly for Resident Evil that wants 2 basicaly be friends with yours. respond at my email...

  • DiceMan
    about 16 years ago

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  • Sam Harris
    about 16 years ago

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  • Katelynd-Humane
    about 16 years ago

    Yeah! Make a forum!

  • SynchPedro86
    about 16 years ago

    Make a forum.

  • Phil
    about 16 years ago

    Nice site :)