Miranda's Diary (Resident Evil Village)

Image of Miranda's Diary


My Eva...

It's been one hundred years since I lost you to the Spanish flu. I was so powerless back then.

But now... Now I can bring you back to life from the Megamycete.

I had to test your new vessel's regenerative abilities. I took her apart and revived her in the Megamycete regulator, the Giant's Chalice.

All that is left is to merge her with the Megamycete. The ceremony can finally begin!

After I lost you I was so stricken with grief that I wandered into a cave to die... I so wanted to be with you again. And that's when I found it. The Megamycete! Completely by accident!

When I touched the black substance my mind was overcome with knowledge.

The Megamycete breaks down and absorbs the consciousness of those who have perished.

I knew that if your consciousness was in there too then there would be a way to bring you back.

I just needed the right vessel...

When I returned to the village I implanted the villagers with mold from the Megamycete. That way I could control them, experiment on them.

I have experimented on hundreds of people just to find you the perfect vessel.

I even tried to increase the efficiency of finding a vessel by creating a parasite I called Cadou... Yet none of my experiments came to fruition.

There were some, like Alcina, who were close to being perfect, but most turned into lycans.

I was once approached by an organization who said they would assist me. I gave them some of the mold and your DNA.

But all they created was another defect, Eveline.

Then again, not a complete failure. I learned of Rose thanks to them and I knew she would be the perfect vessel.

There was some interference, but I was able to verify her suitability. Now my research is finally complete.

Eva... I have waited too long to see you again.


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