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House Beneviento Maps (Resident Evil Village)

House Beneviento Entry

Image of Beneviento's GraveImage of Garden PathImage of North GardenImage of Gardener's HouseImage of South GardenImage of Dilapidated HouseImage of Suspension BridgeImage of Potter's Field
Image of House Beneviento Entry

House Beneviento 1F

Image of Living RoomImage of Elevator HallImage of FoyerImage of ElevatorImage of PorchImage of Entrance PathImage of Elevator Passage UpperImage of Elevator Passage Lower
Image of House Beneviento 1F

House Beneviento 2F

Image of LandingImage of Guest Room
Image of House Beneviento 2F

House Beneviento B1

Image of Old WellImage of Doll WorkshopImage of Medicine RoomImage of Main CorridorImage of Connecting CorridorImage of Back CorridorImage of KitchenImage of BedroomImage of StudyImage of Storage RoomImage of Elevator Hall B1Image of ElevatorImage of Secret Room
Image of House Beneviento B1