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Castle Dimitrescu Maps (Resident Evil Village)

Castle Dimitrescu Entry

Image of VineyardImage of Vineyard EntranceImage of Entrance PassageImage of Mining PassageImage of Mining ChamberImage of Drawbridge
Image of Castle Dimitrescu Entry

Castle Dimitrescu 1F

Image of Tower of WorshipImage of CausewayImage of Hall of the FourImage of Merchant's RoomImage of Northern CorridorImage of Hidden PassageImage of Living RoomImage of BedchamberImage of Main HallImage of Southern CorridorImage of Entrance HallImage of Carriage GateImage of Elevator RoomImage of Dining RoomImage of KitchenImage of Back StorageImage of CourtyardImage of Northern StairwellImage of Opera HallImage of Southern StairwellImage of Eastern Corridor
Image of Castle Dimitrescu 1F

Castle Dimitrescu 2F

Image of Secret PassageImage of AtelierImage of Hall of JoyImage of LibraryImage of Northern StairwellImage of Opera HallImage of Main HallImage of Wine RoomImage of Private CorridorImage of Dressing RoomImage of ArmoryImage of Hall of PleasureImage of South East WingImage of Hall of AblutionImage of Dimitrescu's ChambersImage of Dimitrescu's BathroomImage of Southern StairwellImage of Terrace BalconyImage of Terrace RoomImage of Private BalconyImage of Hidden Passage
Image of Castle Dimitrescu 2F

Castle Dimitrescu B1

Image of Tower of Worship CryptImage of CellsImage of Chamber of SolaceImage of Holding AreaImage of Special ChambersImage of Hall of WarImage of Tasting RoomImage of Hall of BloodImage of Cleaning StorageImage of DistilleryImage of Torture Storage
Image of Castle Dimitrescu B1

Castle Dimitrescu B2

Image of DungeonImage of Hall of SorrowImage of Dungeon Storage
Image of Castle Dimitrescu B2

Castle Dimitrescu RF

Image of Tower of Worship BattlementsImage of AtticImage of Rooftops
Image of Castle Dimitrescu RF

Castle Dimitrescu PH / TWR

Image of Tower of Worship TurretImage of Tower of RageImage of Belfry
Image of Castle Dimitrescu PH / TWR