Spencer's Letter (Resident Evil Village)

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Dear Miranda,

My deepest apologies for not meeting you in person.

I would love nothing more than to visit your quaint village once more, however, I am incredibly busy.

Then again, I suppose for an immortal woman such as yourself, you no longer remember this poor half-dead medical student in the snow.
I have always cherished the revelations I cam to 15 years ago when I stayed in your village.

I was inspired by your research. To think, one could transform a human by infecting them with an organism. Positively visionary.

I know that with that knowledge I could achieve my own vision for the next step in human evolution.

Even after two world wars, and humanity on the cusp of another, my conviction never wavered.
I realised, however though the many nights of intellectual talks you and I shared, that your conviction differed from mine.

You hoped to bring back a single dead person. While I aimed to change the world.

Your experiments on the mold would not have aided me in my endeavor to achieve an exponential infection. I thought a virus would be more effective.

This is why, my dear, I had to leave you. I will regret never telling you goodbye.
My apologies for reminiscing, I actually have news that I thought might please you.

I have found the key to evolution! The "progenitor," a virus found in Africa.

I plan to start a company with friends and colleagues, dedicated to the virus' research. I will call it Umbrella. Just like the symbol in the cave that we spoke about.

I am one step closer to making my vision a reality. I hope you will be able to achieve your goal someday, too.

You taught me so much and for that I will be forever in your debt.

Sincerely, your life-long student,
Ozwell E. Spencer


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