Heisenberg's Diary (Resident Evil Village)

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Miranda is abominable.
Her deceit knows no bound.

We're merely a bunch of failed Cadou experiments to her.

I was just lucky I had more affinity to the stuff than the other poor shmucks in the village.

So she still calls me her "son."

What a joke. I'll never forgive her for what she did to me.

That crazy bitch has never been right in the head.

She can't see a difference between "experiment" and "family."

Miranda didn't just change my body, she took my dignity.

If I don't kill her then my life will never be my own.

Still...she may be crazy but she's also powerful. She can turn into anyone using the Megamycete.

The trick is that brat, Rose. If I could access her power then maybe...

Speaking of, the kid's dad, Ethan has a pretty interesting body himself. Maybe I could get him to help me out...


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    Cargo Control Room - Heisenberg's Factory B1

    On the metal desk in the north east corner of the room.
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