Chris's Computer (Resident Evil Village)

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To: Hound Wolf Squad

The sweep of the factory is complete. No proof of any connection with the
organization. Guess this just wasn't our lucky day.

I did manage to get my hands on a number of documents disclosing some of Miranda's experiments, which support
our previous theories.

She seems to have infected herself with the mutamycete, which has granted her a number of abilities.

Including "mimicry."

She can control her cells and transform herself to look like anyone or anything.

She disguised herself as Mia and infiltrated the Winterses' home.

Her objective was clearly to kidnap Rose.

Maybe she thought she could control Rose easier if she looked like her mom.

When we attacked, it put a little damper on her plans, so she mimicked a corpse.

She then revived herself in the transport truck, killed everyone on board, and took off with Rose.

Things didn't go the way she had originally planned, but in the end, she still got what she wanted.

...Until now.

It's time to rendezvous and blow this place sky high.

This might turn into a fight with Heisenberg, but I think I found something useful. He left one of his little toys laying around and it's even made from a metal/polymer composite, which he can't control. Time to turn the tables.

- Alpha


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    Scrapheap - Heisenberg's Factory B5

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