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Mysterious Journal (Resident Evil Revelations)

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Journal entry by the man who was pursuing Lansdale.


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Mysterious Journal

He's finally made his move. I don't even know how long I've been waiting for this.

My mission is the key to success. It's the reason why I've given up so much already.

In order to get incontrovertible evidence to use against Morgan, I had to bring Veltro back to life.

I thought this plan was weak -- dangerous even -- when O'Brian first brought it to me, but we couldn't figure out any alternative that would work.

We set up a fake base of operations for Veltro in the mountains of northern Europe, and then we spread rumors of a big op Veltro was planning to the BSAA.

When the BSAA began their investigation, Morgan started to panic. Those spies of his must have tipped him off.

Morgan is very careful and he's suspicious by nature. I suspect that everything went well because we didn't leak the news of Veltro directly to the FBC.

It's like the saying goes: be careful of the web you weave.

I was able to hijack the Queen Zenobia before Veltro could do anything to it. Even still, I could not find anything to link Morgan to his illegal activities. As such, it has come time to become more proactive in this mission.

I must bring the BSAA agents here, and then disguise myself in order to deceive them into thinking that Veltro has managed to survive.

Any of Morgan's spies in the BSAA will try to contact him, and that's when we'll get our chance.

According to O'Brian's report, Morgan's dogs already attacked the fake base we set up.

The parameters of this mission are quite fluid, and, as such, leave lethal options on the table.

I will do whatever it takes to see this mission through, even if it costs me my life.


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