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Queen Zenobia - Laboratory & Emergency Passageway Maps (Resident Evil Revelations)

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Adjoining mapsDeck & Bridge, Freight Lift & Hold

Epidemic Prevention Block

Image of ElevatorImage of Aquarium LaboratoryImage of Sterilization Room 1Image of Sterilization Room 2Image of Changing RoomImage of Entrance CorridorImage of Records RoomImage of Laboratory Entry
Image of Epidemic Prevention Block

Laboratory Upper Level

Image of ElevatorImage of Entrance TunnelImage of West PlatformImage of OfficeImage of Adjoining CorridorImage of Experiment RoomImage of Lab ElevatorImage of Laboratory ExitImage of Emergency EntryImage of Main Platform
Image of Laboratory Upper Level

Laboratory Lower Level

Image of Dome RoomImage of Cylindrical ChamberImage of Viral LaboratoryImage of Laser Maze RoomImage of Lab Elevator
Image of Laboratory Lower Level

Emergency Passageway Upper Level

Image of StairwayImage of Emergency EntryImage of Steam Corridor 2FImage of Shaft PassageImage of Elevator Shaft
Image of Emergency Passageway Upper Level

Emergency Passageway Lower Level

Image of Winding CorridorImage of PlatformImage of Corridor 2Image of Corridor 1Image of L-Shaped CorridorImage of Steam RoomImage of Boiler RoomImage of Small StairwayImage of WalkwayImage of Steam Corridor 1FImage of Large Steam Room Platform
Image of Emergency Passageway Lower Level