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Queen Zenobia - Bilge Block Maps (Resident Evil Revelations)

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Bilge Block Level 1

Image of Engine Room Floor
Image of Bilge Block Level 1

Bilge Block Level 2

Image of StairwellImage of L-Shaped CorridorImage of Gear Room 1FImage of Boiler RoomImage of Gear Room 2F AccessImage of Lower Engine RoomImage of Southern PassageImage of Northern PassageImage of Forked PassageImage of Bilge Passage 4Image of Maintenance RoomImage of Bilge Passage 3
Image of Bilge Block Level 2

Bilge Block Level 3

Image of StairwellImage of Gear Room 2FImage of Upper Engine RoomImage of Northern PassageImage of Bilge Passage 3Image of Bilge Passage 2Image of Bulkhead Control RoomImage of Bilge Passage 1Image of Bilge Lower Access
Image of Bilge Block Level 3

Bilge Block Level 4

Image of Ventilation Shaft
Image of Bilge Block Level 4