Infection Log for Queen Zenobia

Infection log for Queen Zenobia as recorded by one researcher.

Game Resident Evil Revelations
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Image of Infection Log for Queen Zenobia


Infection Log for Queen Zenobia

Researcher: Ryan
ID: 503321


After the final note was played in the tragedy known as the Terragrigia Panic, we seized the ship and began to carry out our mission quickly and secretly.

The Regia Solis destroyed the city. Now this ship is the only place where we can observe the spread and mutation of the T-Abyss along with ancillary research. This is the perfect environment to conduct research, and we must make the most of it.

The only setback is the hosts infected with the T-Abyss virus. This will make research very difficult for us. It will not last long as a place of research and science before the entire place is overwhelmed with creatures. We must act quickly.


Our research on the virus has proceeded rather smoothly, and we were able to develop a proper vaccine. With all our goals accomplished, there is no longer any need for the ship. We have decided to abandon it.

A few members of our team did not survive long enough to see this moment, but that is the cost of doing research.

When we told Lansdale about our breakthrough with the vaccine, he showed uncharacteristic felicity.

(There is something scribbled in after an area where pages are torn out.)

As soon as the research data was sent, the doors to the facility were shut and the B.O.W.s awakened from their cryogenic sleep.

I don't understand how I could have missed seeing that Veltro wasn't the only disposable pawn in all of this... Almost funny, really.

I see now that it was he who arranged for all these things to come to pass. He gave the terrorists the T-Abyss virus, which led to the Terragrigia Panic. That gave us lots of valuable data on infection, which led to the eventual development of the vaccine.

And thanks to his position of authority, he used the Regia Solis to eradicate the virus, the terrorists, and all the fools in that city. Any traces or links to us vanished with it. The end result, however, is that the world is now afraid of the virus, and the FBC's charter has been strengthened and expanded.

I am awestruck with the degree of perfection with which Lansdale orchestrated all these events. This is one for the history books to be sure.

Hopefully, the demand for this vaccine will bring the rest of us the accolades and riches we so justly deserve.

(The rest of the scribble is illegible.)


Image of Laser Maze Room - Laboratory Lower Level - Queen Zenobia

Laser Maze Room - Laboratory Lower Level - Queen Zenobia

  • Episode 9-2 onwards. On the dead body in the north west area of the room. You need to deactivate the lasers in the Viral Laboratory to be able to access this.