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Daily Courier Article 2 (Resident Evil Revelations)

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Newspaper article about the FBC's Morgan Lansdale.



Daily Courier Article 2

London Daily Courier
Who Commands the General?
By Donatello Luzzaschi

Is he just a shadowy figure manipulating events from off stage? Or is he a hero leading the charge against bioterrorism?

Anyone who has heard of General Morgan Lansdale give a speech will be immediately struck by his intelligence and keen insight.

That charisma that charms his audiences served him well in the cloak-and-dagger world of international espionage he occupied for many years.

He was able to charm Congress into expanding the charter of his group to find and deal with bioterrorist threats.

Which brings us to today: Lansdale not only commands the FBC, but also the Federal Species Protection Committee. He refuses to give up either of these posts.

Lansdale created the FBC to handle bioterrorism. The organization is a major player on the international stage of public safety and animal welfare, and that is all thanks to Lansdale.

But the question remains: Is he a hero or a monster? Only time will tell.