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LE 5 (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Image of LE 5

A medium-sized submachine gun that has good accuracy and penetration power. A scope can be mounted on top.

This weapon uses Submachine Gun Ammo.
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)
Buy price35,000 pesetas
Sell price17,500 pesetas

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Attributes and upgrades

Ammo CapacityValue2030405060
Reload SpeedValue0.650.750.850.951.05
Exclusive upgrade80,000 pesetas
Penetrate through 5 targets.


  • Image of Freezer - Island Facility 2F

    Freezer - Island Facility 2F

    Inside the small storage room in the south east corner, but only if you do not already own this weapon.
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  • Image of Merchant


    Available to buy from the Merchant from Chapter 14.

There are no locations to show for this game mode. The following game modes are applicable:

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