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Chronicles of Pursuit (Torn) (Resident Evil 4 Remake - Separate Ways)

Image of Chronicles of Pursuit (Torn)
CategoryFile (Castle)

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December, eight years since my awakening—

I am at a loss in my endeavors to combine man with insect. Their fusion is not coming to fruition and my patience wears thin.

The housekeeper has long suffered, and I confess that my hair stands on end when I hear her screams of anguish.

Will I ever achieve perfection?

I have two choices.

The first is to continue with my current method, to change nothing but instead widen my search for compatible insect components.

The second is more callous, more immoral—adding yet another completely different organism.

If done poorly, the latter choice will likely lead to failure. But I fear I shall not break this deadlock if I do not adjust my current methods.

The housekeeper will break if things continue on as they are now. I must decide what to do now!

His humble servant, Isidro Uriarte Talavera


  • Image of Tower B - Castle Battlements Level 1

    Tower B - Castle Battlements Level 1

    On the tarpaulin-covered crate on the south side of the room.
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There are no locations to show for this game mode. The following game modes are applicable:

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