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Village Gorge & Villa

Image of Villa YardImage of VillaImage of Villa PorchImage of Villa Exit PathImage of GorgeImage of Gorge South West PlatformImage of Gorge East PlatformImage of Gorge North West Platform
Image of Village Gorge & Villa

Village Farm

Image of Farm YardImage of Grain Storage ShedImage of Cattle BarnImage of ShedImage of Main BarnImage of MillImage of Path to Villa
Image of Village Farm

Village Cliffs & Church

Image of Path to CemeteryImage of CemeteryImage of Cemetery CabinImage of Church CourtyardImage of Church Courtyard StorageImage of North CliffImage of Cliff WalkwaysImage of South Cliff
Image of Village Cliffs & Church

Village Square

Image of Village SquareImage of Secure BarnImage of Small House 1Image of Main HouseImage of Main House RoofImage of Main House ShedImage of BunkhouseImage of Storage ShedImage of Dilapidated ShedImage of Small House 2 (Front Room)Image of Small House 2 (Bedroom)Image of Town HallImage of Town Hall Yard
Image of Village Square

Village Chief's Manor & Abandoned Factory

Image of Path to Village Square (South)Image of Village Chief's Manor YardImage of Village Chief's ManorImage of Outside AltarImage of Outside StorageImage of Abandoned Factory YardImage of Abandoned Factory EntranceImage of Abandoned Factory CorridorImage of Abandoned Factory Small StoreroomImage of Abandoned Factory FurnaceImage of Abandoned Factory Large StoreroomImage of Abandoned Factory Basement PassageImage of Abandoned Factory Basement
Image of Village Chief's Manor & Abandoned Factory