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Castle Subterranean Levels Maps (Resident Evil 4 Remake - Separate Ways)

Castle Gregorio's Waterway

Image of Access TowerImage of Waterway EntryImage of North WalkwayImage of Waterway Walkway North Lower AccessImage of North LowerImage of Connecting PassagewayImage of East LowerImage of Merchant RoomImage of Drainage Control RoomImage of South WalkwayImage of South LowerImage of TunnelImage of Waterway ExitImage of WarehouseImage of Warehouse StairwayImage of Warehouse 2FImage of ElevatorImage of Connecting Walkway
Image of Castle Gregorio's Waterway

Castle Depths

Image of Passage to Blast FurnaceImage of CavernImage of Small CavernImage of HiveImage of Wooden PlatformImage of Cavernous Passage
Image of Castle Depths