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Island Facility Maps (Resident Evil 4 Remake - Separate Ways)

Island Facility 1F

Image of Incubation Lab Control RoomImage of Incubation LabImage of Incubation Lab EntryImage of Systems
Image of Island Facility 1F

Island Facility 2F

Image of Cargo DepotImage of Cargo Depot ExteriorImage of Cargo Lift Upper PlatformImage of Amber StoreroomImage of Campsite EntryImage of Campsite Communications RoomImage of CampsiteImage of Utilities StorageImage of Utilities PassageImage of UtilitiesImage of LarderImage of KitchenImage of Central PassageImage of FreezerImage of Dissection Room Storage 2Image of Dissection Room Storage 1Image of Systems EntryImage of Systems 2F
Image of Island Facility 2F

Island Facility 3F

Image of WalkwayImage of Facility 1 Upper EntryImage of Maintenance PassageImage of Upper DuctImage of Facility 1 LoftImage of Lower DuctImage of Facility 1 Loft ExitImage of Facility Gondola Lift Station
Image of Island Facility 3F