Saddler's Animus (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Image of Saddler's Animus
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Do not be fooled into thinking that las plagas are merely tools for creating powerful bioweapons. Their true value lies in their ability to control.

No matter how hostile the subject, a single injection can turn anyone into a faithful servant. Who needs spies when you can turn yesterday's enemy into today's ally?

Controlling just one insider can bring an entire organization—an entire country—to its knees.

Mass production of the superior species has made this possible. We have empowered Saddler.

It is clear what he intends to do next.

Can you imagine if Saddler had that much control?

Six billion loyal servants at his sole command. There would be no opposition, no war.

Maybe for the first time in human history, the world would know peace.

But I know how Saddler and the others have oppressed the people of this island for generations. I know how he treats them.

That's no way to live.
And because of that, I won't let it happen.