Grave Robber (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Image of Grave Robber
This request requires you to destroy the emblems located inside two of the tombstones located in the Village Cemetery. The exact tombstones to destroy the emblems of are the ones located near the fence line on the north side of the cemetery, the ones where the emblems are identical.
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Those traitorous twins should not be allowed to rest in peace for joining that evil cult.

Won't someone—anyone—destroy the emblems engraved upon their tombstones!

Request: Destroy the tombstone emblems
Area: Church
Reward: Spinel x2
Progress: 0/2


  • Image of Church Courtyard - Village Church, Quarry & Fish Farm

    Church Courtyard - Village Church, Quarry & Fish Farm

    On the post of the wooden shelter in the east corner of the area behind the church.
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