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Copy of Irradiation Report (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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The results of ███'s physical examination showed that his body had become infested with a plaga. (Likely during one of his experiments with it.)

Under the supervision of lead researcher Luis Serra, an attempt was made to purge the parasite using a form of experimental radiation therapy.

16 minutes into the procedure, ███ showed signs of severe shock and we were forced to stop. Soon after, he was pronounced dead.

The device uses external beam radiation to "burn" the parasite from outside the body, similar to a linear accelerator used in treating cancer. The pain is tremendous and its use could prove fatal.

The post-mortem autopsy has confirmed that the parasite was successfully destroyed.

However, in lieu of these results, we have determined that the device requires further work and should not progress beyond the stage of trial operation. Attached is the irradiation device manual for reference.

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