Captive Researcher's Note (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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We were imprisoned without warning.

One by one we are taken to the next room.
I do not know what happens there.
They just took Anabel. I am probably next.

I've got to think! Need to get my head straight!

All who are infected with the plaga will be at the mercy of Lord Saddler.
If he commands it, they will work themselves to death with a smile on their face.

Adversely, the host becomes so simple-minded that they're basically useless for any complex task.

However, we succeeded in developing the new, superior species of plaga. It has no special variability, but the host's cognitive functions are not diminished.

It seems like they plan to administer this new species to the girl. It's clearly important that she maintains her intelligence after infection.

All tests were successful and plans for mass production are moving forward.
The project is a complete success!

But I've been imprisoned.

And preparations to inject me with the superior species are underway in the next room.

Anabel is not herself anymore.
The smile has been wiped completely from her face.

Writing is the only thing that keeps me sane now.
Not that anyone will ever read this.