Chronicles of Pursuit 1 (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

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July, two years since my awakening—

Master Ramón has bestowed upon me a truly righteous undertaking to improve upon the flaws of our human form, to seek perfection as observed in our arthropodal siblings.

To this cause I shall willingly devote my life.

January, four years since my awakening—

My efforts to transfuse the black liquid into the body are at the precipice of success.

The womb is the key.

A pure soul proves to be a highly malleable and adaptive subject.

January, six years since my awakening—

I have named these sacred larvae, carried in the wombs of the chosen, "U-II" after my own.
They shall carry the prestige of my family name as if I had spawned them of my own flesh.

The U-II are now close to the size of adult humans, and they continue to feed and multiply. I have successfully created a new species!

Master Ramón has recognized my efforts and blessed me with his praise. He has taken to U-II, calling them "Novistador," meaning "The Unseen."
I've been told that his holiness, Lord Saddler himself, has also expressed pleasure with my work. What an extraordinary honor this is! I can hardly see the tip of my quill through the tears of joy.

His humble servant, Isidro Uriarte Talavera


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    Ballroom Entryway Storage - Castle Ballroom 2F

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