Ashley Graham's Abduction (Resident Evil 4 Remake)

Image of Ashley Graham's Abduction
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Phase 1
- Depart from campus with the target.
- Escort the target as usual until the start of Phase 2. There should be three others inside the vehicle, including Baker.
- Able's unit will follow behind you in a separate vehicle.
- Continue to drive your normal route.

Phase 2
- Stop the vehicle under the pretense of engine trouble.
- Transfer the target to Able's vehicle.

Phase 3
- Able's unit will change course.
- Subdue and restrain the target.
- Place the target in a large container.

Phase 4
- Baker's unit will create a diversion.
- Henry's unit will infiltrate the investigation's database and disable their network.

Phase 5
- Meet at point K9 and transfer the cargo onto the ship.