Brad Vickers (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Image of Brad Vickers
The helicopter of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team finds himself caught right in the middle of the disaster that has struck Raccoon City. He's desperately trying to find refuge as he flees from the monsters infesting the streets of the city, especially since he's convinced he is being stalked by one monster in particular.

This is actually the first time you get to see Brad alive and in the flesh, unfortunately you don't get to see him alive for very long. His instincts were spot on when he is attacked by Nemesis outside of the Police Station. He meets a grizzly death by having a tentacle ripped through his neck.
Blood typeO
Other appearances


  • Image of Private Backyard - Uptown

    Private Backyard - Uptown

    You briefly see him shooting a zombie when you approach the steps leading down to the backdoor to Black Jack's Bar on your first visit to this location.
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  • Image of Business Back Street - Uptown

    Business Back Street - Uptown

    If you have not yet seen him in the Private Backyard, he will burst out of the storage shed as you pass by its door, or in some circumstances only when you examine it.
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  • Image of Black Jack's Bar - Uptown

    Black Jack's Bar - Uptown

    Being attacked by a zombie when you first enter.
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  • Image of Courtyard - Police Station 1F

    Courtyard - Police Station 1F

    Appears when you enter this area for the first time.
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