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  • re5online
    about 12 years ago

    "All resident evil fans should check this website out!" is a newly formed website and we would like you to become our affiliate!

  • Shinryuu
    about 12 years ago

    Excellent site people keep it up

  • CCCC
    about 12 years ago

    This site looks damn great, a shame it havn't got any information anywhere.

  • dontworry
    about 12 years ago

    ya dan fuckin straight and re4 is the best every other resident evil is shit

  • Jerry Jordan
    about 12 years ago

    Resident Evil... What can i say an awesome Video Game Series. First time i played it was the original Res. Evil for Playstation been playin it ever since. Can't wait for Resident Evil 5 to come out. I would say that it is the best Series in video games today. My favorite Resident Evil of all time would have to be part 2 i wish that they would port it over from Gamecube or even do a remake. Just think a remake of Resident Evil 2 how awesome would that be.

  • Renxx Hyabusa
    about 12 years ago


  • joshua revis
    about 12 years ago

    i love resident evil ecspecially direcors cut from '98 iit was my first re game
    and the first time i ever beat a resident evil game was re 2 i beat it in
    2 hours and 36 mins. with no health sprays on green herbs and no gatling
    gun or rocket launcher i beat willam with the magnum it didnot have the upgrade.

  • G-Virus|DAN|
    about 12 years ago

    This Page Has to be the ultimate resi encyclopedia.........keep up the great work!!!!!!

  • Webmaster
    about 12 years ago

    Wow. Not very often I get such constructive feedback. Thanks for your comment, everything you have said has been noted and no doubt acted upon :-) This site was mainly built from the idea of the maps, so the rest of the site is lacking in certain areas. However, over the past few months I have refined the way the maps get constructed, and I will be rolling out the ones for RE3 and REmake very soon. Also, I am redesignig the site so information about items, enemies etc much easier to obtain. Although these claims may seem hollow, I am going to focus on my site this summer. If you, or anyone else for that matter, has any ideas (and I mean ANY), please contribute. I need constructive feedback like this, it certainly gives me a better idea as to what people expect from a Resi Fan site :-)

  • Hazard Haze
    about 12 years ago

    Well, I was at school and happened to stumble across this website when curiously searching for Resident Evil related material (instead of doing school work), every other website was blocked so I figured I'd give this one a stab. I liked the layout at first - but the main problem I have so far is the database for files, items and the like.

    It's quite messy and a bit hard to find what your looking for, and another flaw would have to be the fact that there are no images of enemies or items for the player to see what they look like. Some information provided isn't as 'indepth' but I'm guessing that this website is new, which would explain the missing necessities and lack of thereof.

    I really liked the 'map' feature and I've not layed eyes on anything else on any other Resident Evil fan website. All I have to say is improvement is needed, but nonethless this isn't quite bad.

    That is all. - Hazard Haze

  • captain kirk
    about 12 years ago

    get this website updated and it will be the shit!

  • Ray
    about 12 years ago

    i love resident evil and i have a resident evil forum & Mainsite

    check it out

  • long
    about 12 years ago

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  • Alex
    about 12 years ago

    Thanks for your interest in affiliating, as soon as its up I'll take a look at it :-) Give me a heads up when it does go live.

  • Andrew Rossi
    about 12 years ago

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    Nothing much more to say so...