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Leech Growth Records (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Leech Growth Records
A record written by James Marcus about the growth patterns of his leeches. This documents data was later used as the combination code to enter the Machine Room 1F.

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Leech Growth Records

February 3rd, 1978

Administrated "T" into 4 leeches.
Their will to survive leads them first to parasitism and predation. Then they breed and multiply.
Such a single-minded biology makes them attractive candidates for bio-weapons research.
Afterwards, no major changes observed.

February 10th, 1978

7 days since administration of "T". Rapid growth to double former size, signs of transformation emerging.
Spawning successful.
They double their numbers in one hour, but their ravenous appetites lead them to cannibalism.
Hastened to increase food supply, but lost 2.

March 7th, 1978

Provided them with live feed, but lost half when the live food fought back.
However, the leeches are learning from experience, and are beginning to exhibit group attack behavior.
They are also ceasing cannibalism.
Their evolution is exceeding expectations.

April 22nd, 1978

The leeches no longer exhibit individual behavior, even when not feeding.
They move as a collective.

They consume everything I offer with remarkable efficiency.

April 30th, 1978

An employee has stumbled onto my experiments.
Can a human be a food source?
How will the leeches respond?

June 3rd, 1978

A day worthy of commemoration.
Today they begin to mimic me!

Surely they recognize their father...

Wonderful children.
No one will take you away...


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