Investigator's Report (Resident Evil Zero)

Image of Investigator's Report
A Report going into detail about Dr James Marcus and his work.


Investigator's Report

Dr. Marcus. Co-founder, with President Spencer, of the Umbrella Corporation. Disappeared 20 years ago. The results of his research have been kept under wraps for all that time.

The reason became clear here at the Training facility run by Dr. Marcus...
...well, not here exactly, but underground.
When we ventured below, we understood...

There we found evidence of Dr. Marcus' research into the T-virus prototype called "Progenitor".
The evidence of years of hideous experimentation that used company employees as guinea pigs.

We cannot know how many were forced to become subjects, but based on the evidence, no less than 20 individuals were involved; some of them were taken deliberately to keep the corporation's secret safe.

Where the Doctor is now, I do not know. But considering the recent rapid growth of the Umbrella Corporation, I cannot imagine that this research is continuing.

No... his experiment lives and continues to grow in the dark.

Those things, the "fruit" of his research, they fill this facility.

(The rest of the notebook pages are missing).