M1897 (Resident Evil Village)

Image of M1897

A pump-action shotgun commonly used for hunting. Well known for its stability and reliability.

This weapon uses Shotgun Ammo.

You can also upgrade this weapon with the following attachments:
CategoryWeaponry (Weapon)
Buy price24,000 Lei
Sell price12,400 Lei

Attributes and upgrades

Rate of FireValue1.7
Reload SpeedValue2.
Ammo CapacityValue57911


  • Image of East Old Town Farmer's House - Village

    East Old Town Farmer's House - Village

    On the table in the middle of the 1F of the house. It only appears here during your first visit to this area of the village (i.e. during the Lycan attack). If you leave the area before acquiring it, it will move to the Church.
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  • Image of Church - Village

    Church - Village

    Propped up in the back corner of the church, next to the Typewriter. Only appears here if you have not already acquired it.
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  • Image of The Duke's Emporium

    The Duke's Emporium

    Available to purchase from the first time you meet The Duke.
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